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Custom moldings

We Distribute World Class Adhesives

Below is a quick list of the manufacturers we represent through our distribution agreements with each. Feel free to call 801-566-3977 for a quote to meet your requirements today.

HB Fuller logo

World class Adhesives & Cyanoacrylates

Master Distributor of HB Fuller Adhesives

As a master distributor, we are proud to represent and offer HB Fuller adhesives & cyanoacrylates with these key advantages:

  • Lower your manufacturing costs with H.B. Fuller’s flexible bonding and sealing solutions.
  • Our elastic adhesives and sealants solutions have high flexibility and can maintain excellent bond strength through significant environmental conditions providing outstanding performance.
  • We have decades of experience formulating and providing cyanoacrylates for adhesive industries across the world.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Contact Cements
  • ... and more

We also distribute for these fine adhesive manufacturers

EFI Polymers

EFI Polymers - Epoxy & Urethane Adhesives

EFI Polymers has had great success formulating epoxy adhesive and urethane adhesive products for use in a wide range of applications, including high-temperature adhesives, flexible adhesives, and fast-setting adhesives

Quin Global - Adhesive Innovators

Quin Global  –  Spray Adhesives / Pressure Sensitive Adhesive / Contact Cements

Class-leading Adhesive Innovators

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