Serving the marine, industrial, and commercial elastomeric molding industry since 1989

Our Areas of Manufacturing


You name it... we can mold it. We have been doing custom molds since 1989 and continue to build upon our capabilities to produce some of the finest custom molded products you will find available.


We love custom grinding. We have been grinding out projects since 1989 and continue to provide quality, consistency and special requests. Let us grind your next project. Hit the button below to learn more.


If it can be bonded, we'll bond it. We love bonding projects. Over the years, we have had some pretty technical bonding requests. Time and time again, we find a way to accommodate. Bonding is a science unto itself. It requires just the right drawings and specifications and know how. 


Give us your extrusions. We do all kinds of extrusion projects. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle your next extrusion project. We handle plastic and rubber extrusion processes. Our specialty is rubber extrusion products.


Machining is part of what we do. Often, when we're molding, shaping, grinding, etc. we perform machining tasks. As we build an array of different projects and project types, machining those parts to specification is required.

Our Areas of Materials Distribution

Welcome to South Valley Specialties (SVS) - Custom Rubber Molding in
Salt Lake City, Utah

South Valley Specialties has served the marine, industrial, and commercial elastomeric molding industry since 1989.
Our skilled staff of personnel has numerous years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, elastomeric molding and fabrication.
We have the expertise to help you with your project from start to finish.


Service You Will Come to Rely On

Innovative Manufacturing

We are committed to finding a solution to any manufacturing need.

Customer Care

Our aim is to always exceed our customer's expectations.

Highly Experienced Team

Members of our team are trained in different fields of manufacturing specialties

What Our Customers Say

“In 20+ years of collaboration, South Valley Specialties never let me down”

We have been using South Valley Specialties for more than 20 years. They have made us some of the most precise molded parts one could ever ask for. Their prices have always been fair and the turnaround even better.

Al Henderson

Operations Manager

“Fast turn around, top quality moldings and always treated professionally" 

We needed some custom carbon rollers resurfaced and we were in a real bind, since these were holding up our production line. South Valley Specialties came through and put us back in business. That was more than 10 years ago, since then we have sent a bunch of different molding projects and other damaged custom parts for refabrication and replacement or repair. We have always been treated professionally. Thanks South Valley!

Patrick Tyler

Maintenance Planner